Military intelligence

Ferran Martín's cartoon talks about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Cartografia de la COVID-19

COVID-19 cartography

Through several maps, the text shows COVID-19's cartography and analyses the environmental factors that may have contributed to its spread.

Caballo Blanco coffee plantation in Guatemala

Race and soil

The concept of «blood and soil» as a historical determinant could be found in Termer’s work ten years before the Nazis used it as their state’s official ideology.


How much does a cloud weigh?

JORGE OLCINA answers: Clouds are formed by condensation of air vapour in the atmosphere. Despite their simple, smooth and generally graceful appearance and their varied shapes as suspended bodies in the air, the process of cloud formation is a very complex and largely unknown physical and


Snow storehouses, snow pits and snowdrifts

One of the most fascinating archaeological evidence of ancient use of Mediterranean mountains are snow pits, also called snow storehouses or snowdrifts. Snow pits have become a clear evidence of much colder times.