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Pinoso (Alicante, Spain) soil one week after a fire in 2003
Ground fire

Understanding soil requires knowledge of particle aggregation. Fire affects aggregation by degrading the biological fraction, although low-intensity fire does not leave obvious signs in its wake.

A fire in a forest can easily turn into a burning house
Using fire to fight wildfires

Forests cover a large part of Catalonia (63%) and this means their management is critical to good spatial planning. Prescribed fires help prevent major wildfires, which have marked recent history, they also help to reintroduce a natural element in the Mediterranean forest: fire.

Javier Riera. Making off Fire 1, 2011.
When wildfires burn

[caption id="attachment_4954" align="alignleft" width="200"] Javier Riera. Making of Fire 1, 2011. Photograph on paper, variable dimensions. / In this Mètode monograph we see through the eyes of the artist Javier Riera (Avilés, 1964). In 2008, with extensive experience behind him, he exhibited at the Museo