Loeske Kruuk

Interview with Loeske Kruuk

Loeske Kruuk's studies have promoted the analysis of quantitative genetics in natural populations and its use to test the foundations of evolutionary theory.

Andreas Wagner

Interview with Andreas Wagner

We talk to evolutionary biologist Andreas Wagner, a reference in the study of evolutionary innovations.


Sex and design in our evolutionary cousins

Throughout evolution, sexually reproducing animals have used the process of beauty recognition to maximise their attractiveness to the opposite sex.



The Eyedropper is dedicated to Svante Päabo, the swedish biologist who has won this year's Nobel Prize for Medicine


Social evolution

To talk about life is to talk about cooperation. In a world dominated by Darwinian competition, how has cooperation come to play such an important role?


Assembled life: A natural history of societies

Building on the evolutionary basis of cooperation, this monograph looks at human social structures, from the most ancient and simple to the most complex of modern societies.


What’s wrong, are you feeling unwell?

Sickness behaviours are far from being exclusive to humans; they have been found in virtually all animals in which they have been studied.


Capsaicin mon amour

Some mammals experience a feeling of soft pain when tasting fruits with capsaicin. This mutation has survived with the evolution of mammals.