side effects

Side effects

Ferran Martin's scientific cartoon talks about «side effects».



On 24 March 1882, Robert Koch announced his discovery of the Mycobacterium that causes tuberculosis.

pandemic fatigue


After over a year coexisting with the coronavirus, the burnout feeling in most of the population has a name: pandemic fatigue.

vacunació infantil

Why is there no plan at the moment to vaccinate children against COVID-19?

Maria Garcés-Sánchez, specialist in paediatrics and researcher in the Vaccines Area at FISABIO, explains why vaccinating children against COVID-19 is not a priority at the moment.

coronavirus vaccine

Can we still catch and spread COVID-19 even if we are vaccinated?

The vaccine protects us against severe forms of COVID-19, but does it prevent us from catching it or infecting others?

Citizen science

What’s in a name? Citizen science in pandemic times

The idea of citizen science brings with it tensions about the social nature of scientific truth.

coronavirus UK

What are the characteristics of the new strain of coronavirus in the UK?

The new coronavirus strain identified in the United Kingdom presents different mutations. Alma Bracho, FISABIO researcher, explains.


Which face masks are the most effective and how to use them correctly?

The most effective type of mask depends on what you want to use it for. We have three types: self-filtering masks, surgical masks, and hygienic masks.

pandemic predictions

Why is it difficult to predict the evolution of the pandemic reliably?

Answered by Anabel Forte, professor of Statistics and Operations Research at the University of Valencia, explains why it is so difficult to make reliable predictions about the pandemic.


Invisible women during the pandemic

The author discusses how women have been rendered invisible during the COVID-19 pandemic and how we have experienced a regression in gender biases.