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The challenges of science communication

On the occasion of Mètode's 25th anniversary, we bring back issue number 80, dedicated to the current situation of science communication in written press and its next challenges for the next few years.

Astronomy and space on the big screen

Since its origins, cinema has been fascinated with the subject of scientific developments. In particular, astronomy and astrophysics have played an important role in science fiction stories about space travel and exploration. Though the science has not always been accurately represented, in the last decades

Debate at the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Valencia
The mathematics media blackout

The journalists José Martí and Javier del Pino analyse media coverage of the discipline during the debate «How mathematics are seen from the other side».

COP Paris
Communicating climate change

In early February, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) organised a meeting in Oslo with the goal of improving the effectiveness and impact of their communication actions. During 9 and 10 February, this organism gathered around fifty experts from the communication, politics, business and

health communication
Analysis of health communication texts

Conventionally, social researchers analyse media messages by reading text and coding it. This is time consuming and restricts many studies to small samples. Nowadays very large amounts of text are available in electronic form, offering potential insights into the health messages they contain, but which

tobacco and health
Tobacco and health

[caption id="attachment_18160" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Figure 1. The tobacco industry used the image of healthcare professionals to publicise the merits of one brand of tobacco or another, as well as their safety. The pictures above show different examples of cigarette advertisements published in newspapers and magazines