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The coastline and Sisyphus myth

Fa un parell de números, el 74, la revista Mètode dedicava algunes de les seues pàgines a la costa mediterrània com a espai físic. Les presents línies s’interessen pel mateix espai, tot i canviant, però, el focus d’atenció: des de la perspectiva física i natural

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A Concrete Landscape

© Vicenç M. RossellóCala d'Or (Mallorca). The wave of tourism-driven urban development that hit the Balearic Islands from the mid-twentieth century on has greatly transformed the islands’ seashore. The nooks and crannies where Blai Bonet’s «coral and wheat1» used

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Coves and the Underworld

Joan J. Fornós Miocene carbonate cliffs in the Balearic Islands are the fundamental meeting point of karst and coves. Coves are complex littoral geoforms, worked upon by the convergence of numerous processes that interact in a variety of ways. Karst

Coves and «Calas»

In the strict sense, coves are defined by their calcareous component. In our country this requirement is met only by the coves in southern Menorca and Sa Marina in Mallorca.