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The kidnapping of words in nutrition

We have to resort to less comfortable and more tangled phrases such as raw material or unprocessed product, because we run the risk that the next time we tell our patients to eat «natural products», they end up buying broth, refined bread or juice.

Interview with Jack Szostak

Interview with Jack Szostak, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2009, along with the molecular biology experts Elizabeth Blackburn and Carol Greider.

Interview with Francisco Tomás

With a speech about the structure and dynamics of proteins, professor Francisco Tomás joined last February the Royal Academy of Medicine of Valencia. The principal of the University of Valencia between the years 2002 and 2010 chose for his debut in this scientific academy a

The world’s largest kitchen

Thus was born the Liebig’s Extract of Meat Company (LEMCO), whose product was immediately successful due to its excellent flavour and affordable price, low enough for the emerging European middle class.

The Story of «Oxygen»

Can scientific facts and the idiosyncratic tribal culture of scientists be presented persuasively and intelligibly in the form of «science-in-fiction» and «science-in-theatre»? Here, some affirmative examples are given, emphasising the play Oxygen.