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Why do we cry?

Darwin is credited with the opinion that crying only lubricates the eye, but today it is accepted that it has an intrapersonal and an interpersonal function.

Why should we read Darwin?

The year 2009 marked the bicentenary of Charles Darwin’s birth. Mètode celebrated with this monograph, which delved into different aspects of the naturalist’s research, and also with the publication of his Autobiography, previously unpublished in Catalan.

Interview with Jack Szostak

Interview with Jack Szostak, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2009, along with the molecular biology experts Elizabeth Blackburn and Carol Greider.

Darwin day

On 12 February 1809, English naturalist Charles Darwin was born. He would go into history as the father of the theory of evolution. His works, nonetheless, go farther than On the Origin of Species. We offer a selection of texts published by Mètode.

Romantic travellers

Humboldt and Darwin belonged to different generations and their approaches to the study of nature differed. However, they had something in common: their lives were shaken up and changed course after their respective journeys, which marked the starting point of their fruitful scientific careers.

The Naturalist who Got Ahead of Darwin

A slow yet extremely reflexive writer We have to recognise it: without Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913), Darwin may have never published The Origin of Species. Retired in his house in Down, near London, Darwin puzzled over the problem of the formation of species since he came

Darwin caricature
Darwin caricature

Charles Darwin has become the icon of modern biology, and the celebrations held in 2009 contributed to a growth of this perception in public opinion. This article is a review of Darwin as a symbol of modern biology through cartoons and graphic humour.