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Flies and carnivorous plants, a new relationship

A team of researchers of the University of Alacant, together with German and Brazilian scientists, have discovered a new interaction between insects and plants. They are fly larvae which can survive in a carnivorous plant and feed from its prey. This is what we know as «cleptoparasitism». According to

Carnivorous plants

A carnivorous garden

With a mere mention to carnivorous plants, our imagination is roused. There are a huge number of shapes, corresponding to eleven families, eighteen genera and 671 species. Utricularia, Nepenther and Drosera are the ones with the largest number of species, with more than one hundred

Hivernacle Down

Darwin’s Garden

Charles Darwin has been, without doubt, one of the most transcendental scientists of all times. Nevertheless, some researchers have objected that his work is based more on the collection of data taken from other sources than fruit of his own research.