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Can plants have cancer?

The answer to this is yes. Plants can reproduce errors in the growth of some cells, which would cause the formation of cell masses or tumours that could be considered cancers.

Post-War Botany

Ana Ponce & Ivo Rovira The Salvador library collections (1,300 volumes) are preserved at Barcelona’s Institut Botànic, in the same drawers and bookcases that Josep Salvador i Riera had built in the mid-eighteenth century. The Herbarium vouchers that appear in the image

Valencian peanut
The Valencian peanut

The Valencian peanut is a very particular species. In these article, we review some of these particularities, which we must take into account to grow it in our orchard.

Is there anybody who never cried while chopping onions?

Onions are essential elements to be found in our vegetable gardens. Although it makes you cry when chopping it in the kitchen, it is highly consumed in the region of Valencia either fresh and raw, deep or shallow fried, boiled, grilled or in brine. It can also be stored to be eaten all along the year

Lady’s slipper
A Mythical Flower

Rare and funny, Lady’s slipper (or Cuckoo’s slipper) is good at playing hide and seek. From the eighteenth century it appeared in botanical publications to then vanish into a long silence denying its existence in the Pyrenees.