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Can plants have cancer?

The answer to this is yes. Plants can reproduce errors in the growth of some cells, which would cause the formation of cell masses or tumours that could be considered cancers.

Post-War Botany

Between 1716 and 1717, Joan Salvador i Riera, an apothecary from Barcelona and Antoine de Jussieu, a professor of botany at Le Jardin du Roi in Paris, travelled the roads of Spain and Portugal, sometime by calash, sometimes on mule back, to make «botanical observations». This article provides a brief overview of the Salvador family and a glimpse of the journey made by these two naturalists.

Valencian peanut
The Valencian peanut

The Valencian peanut is a very particular species. In these article, we review some of these particularities, which we must take into account to grow it in our orchard.

Is there anybody who never cried while chopping onions?

Onions are essential elements to be found in our vegetable gardens. Although it makes you cry when chopping it in the kitchen, it is highly consumed in the region of Valencia either fresh and raw, deep or shallow fried, boiled, grilled or in brine. It can also be stored to be eaten all along the year

Lady’s slipper
A Mythical Flower

Rare and funny, Lady’s slipper (or Cuckoo’s slipper) is good at playing hide and seek. From the eighteenth century it appeared in botanical publications to then vanish into a long silence denying its existence in the Pyrenees.

survival cuisine
Mediterranean Survival Cuisine

The habit of gathering leaves, flowers, roots, fruits of wild plants and mushrooms for cooking traditional dishes is dying out in parts of Alicante, although in other –mostly rural– areas these traditional recipes are still in use. Ethnobotanical studies conducted in the province of Valencia identify more than 110 wild species used as food.