«The Matrix» and thermodynamics

If we were to use electrodes to extract energy from ourselves, we would collapse because we would have nothing left to keep our hearts beating.


Horses laugh incorrectly

Humans' control over breathing enabled them to laugh, unlike other animals such as horses.


In the footsteps of our past

This is undoubtedly an encouraging stage for evolutionary biology. Palaeoproteomics has the potential to explore time intervals that were completely inaccessible until now.

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Can life be standardized?

The concept of standardization is linked to the industrial revolution and mass production of goods through assembly lines. The question we will try to answer is the extent to which standards can be achieved in the biological realm.


Why do flying ants appear?

Alberto Tinaut, biologist specialised in the study of ants, explains the secrets of these winged insects.

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Great dads

Biparental care is observed in less than 10 % of mammals and are often associated to monogamous relationships or immature offspring.


Natural history of a mother

Maternal care comprises many different types of behaviours that, perhaps most prominently, include diverse ways to feed their young.

Angela Saini

Interview with Angela Saini

Interview with Angela Saini, scientific journalist (United Kingdom) and author of the book Inferior (2017).


How is the moulting of insects and reptiles different?

Both insects and reptiles moult. However, there are some differences between both groups. Professor Jesús Selfa Arlandis explains.

Robert Sapolsky

Interview with Robert Sapolsky

Interview with Robert Sapolsky, professor at the University of Stanford (USA), in which he talks biology issues of the present time.