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A look at the cosmos

Violent Universe, Mètode's latest issue, has had the collaboration of the Valencian artist Aurora Valero (Alboraia, 1940). With her powerful and colourful works, she offers her interpretation of the origin and creation of the universe. She explains on MètodeTV. [English language subtitles are available for this

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Absolute truth exists

Each domain of knowledge has its own language, content and method. They give it character, and whenever a field of knowledge advances, it is thanks to one of them. Language is very important for science, but is not necessarily a priority. Old language can lead

Where Nature Says What Cannot be Said Elsewhere

Photograph: Joan Torres. Arxiu Gran Enciclopedia de la Pintura i l'Escultura a les Balears The Belgian painter William Degouve de Nuncques painted part of the Mallorcan coastline. Above, how he saw Cala Sant Vicenç. William Degouve de Nuncques. Cala de Sant Vicenç, ca. 1901. Oil on