Communicating health

Medical outreach efforts in the media


  • Objective: capturing the tiger
    , and
  • The strange case of guaiacwood
  • Karl Weierstrass (1815-1897)
  • Monographs

  • Communicating health
  • The future of health communication
  • The fear of life
  • The debate on rare diseases
  • How to learn from our mistakes
  • Tobacco and health
  • Youth, health and social networks
  • Analysis of health communication texts
  • Books

  • «Dire Predictions», by Michael E. Mann and Lee R. Kump
  • «Orígenes», by Carlos Briones, Alberto Fernández Soto and José Maria Bermúdez de Castro
  • «Los cambios climáticos», by Armando Alberola Romá
  • «La historia natural de Selborne», by Gilbert White
  • «El mundo que viene», by Juan Martínez-Barea
  • Myself and other animals

  • Capturing the tiniest world
  • Sociofolcology

  • Migration
  • Scientists' tales

  • Social order and the human body: anatomy as a metaphor
  • Unveiling the universe

  • Other inhabited worlds?
  • The science of cooking

  • The dairy way
  • The vibrant garden

  • Encounters with snails
  • Roselló's garden

  • The importance of seeds
  • Mind your nature

  • Our microbe self
  • Document

  • How do organisms adapt to climate change?