The most popular 2019 interviews

With the new year, we want to say goodbye to the old one with a compilation of the most popular interviews published in Mètode in 2019. These conversations reflect the variety of contents of the journal, both in print and in its digital version. Likewise, they show which were the most compelling scientific topics for our readers in a year in which climate information has received more coverage and attention than ever before, and nutrition communication has enjoyed widespread interest at a time when it telling facts and myths apart might seem difficult.

most popular interviews 2019

Interview with Angela Saini, scientific journalist (United Kingdom) and author of the book Inferior (2017).
Interview with Robert Sapolsky, professor at the University of Stanford (USA), in which he talks biology issues of the present time.
Interview with Hanna Kokko, full professor of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Zurich.
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