«Mètode» to start collaboration with «Valencia Plaza»

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Mètode will reach a wider audience from this week on by collaborating with Valencia Plaza —a local online newspaper— which has a strong presence in social networks. The newspaper will publish Mètode’s contents in Spanish and English on a weekly basis. Our first collaboration includes an article written by Josep Lluís Barona which can be found in Mètode’s latest monograph—Women and Science— as well as an interview with the entomologist Xavier Bellés who adapted Bestiari to contemporary Catalan. Our contents will be updated every Wednesday.

Martí Domínguez, Mètode’s editor-in-chief finds in this agreement the opportunity to «communicate the research that is being carried out at the University of Valencia in our local media, with the aim becoming a scientific reference publication». For the popular science journal’s editor-in-chief, it is highly important that the knowledge generated with public funds at the University returns to society, and the Internet is a useful tool to carry out this task: «Valencia Plaza is a newspaper with an online mentality. This fact allows higher levels of interactions». In addition, Martí Domínguez claimed that this relationship can be fruitful: «It is all about creating synergies, trying to keep a news-flow going and.

According to Martí Domínguez, the Net favours relations between small media companies specialising in a specific area. Along these lines, he also remarked that «Valencia Plaza has made its way into the Valencian media business as an independent medium». This new agreement gives Mètode the opportunity to reach a wider audience and represents one more step in making everyone know the scientific knowledge generated at the University of Valencia.

For his part, Cruz Sierra— Valencia Plaza’s editor-in-chief— assesses this collaboration as an important step towards Valencia Plaza’s consolidation as an online reference medium since it provides the newspaper with contents from prestigious publications, like Mètode, backed up by universities.

© Mètode 2013.

© Mètode 2013