Mètode publishes «Herbari:viure amb les plantes»


«Herbari:viure amb les plantes» (Herbarium—Living with plants), Mètode’s latest monograph, is already available (only in Catalan). The publication of this monograph co-occurs with the celebrations of our 20th anniversary and the release of Mètode’s issue nº 75. This monograph, written by Daniel Climent and Ferran Zurriaga, brings botany closer to the reader through meticulous texts and pictures. 

The cactus, the fig tree, the mastic tree or the carob tree, among others, are some of the plants that live around the Mediterranean area. Mètode wanted to remark the beauty and importance of some of these species, and that is why we have made this selection of over three hundred pages that combine articles and pictures that plant lovers will like.

  «Herbari:viure amb les plantes» shows also social and cultural aspects of botany, including curiosities like the toxicity of oleander, the Moorish origins of the fig tree, or the healing properties of pomegranates. A compilation of popular wisdom and scientific knowledge on any kind of tree or shrub.

The fruits of teamwork 

The final result of the monograph is due to the coordinated work of its two authors— Daniel Climent and Ferran Zurriaga, usual collaborators of the journal and experts on ethnobotany. Both of them have gathered their own articles already published in the journal, expanding them and adding new ones to the compilation in order to publish an attractive and amusing new monograph. A combination of science and literature that tends a bridge to the history and tradition behind many species from the region of Valencia.

These articles come together with high quality pictures— a wide range of pictures that show every plant with its flowers, leaves and fruits in detail. Antoni Miró’s collaboration is also noteworthy. Some of the paintings by the Valencian artist have been used for the cover and interspersed images within the book.

A year of celebrations

Mètode wanted to celebrate its 20th anniversary by publishing this monograph devoted to botany. But this is not the only monograph Mètode has published along its two decades of existence. Previously, we had already published the following monographs: Oxygen, Bestiary, Darwin’s Autobiography; Our Naturalists and Albert Einstein (his century and his science) also in Catalan.

In addition to this celebration of Mètode’s 20 years in the market, we are also celebrating the publication of Mètode’s issue nº 75. The publication of Herbari: Viure amb les plantes is another way of celebrating Mètode’s 20th anniversary and, at the same time, showing that science does not have to be elitist and tedious. In Martí Dominguez’s words, the journal’s Editor-in-chief, «This monograph should be taken as a model for science writing— when you add good prose to science, we read to acquire knowledge, but also for the pleasure of reading»

© Mètode 2012.

Cover of the new monograph.
© Mètode 2012