«Mètode» organises a conference on female science travellers


presentacio79Association Germaine Tillion
In the photo, Germaine Tillion, who spent three years in the Aures mountain range in eastern Algeria, a region inhabited by the Amazigh peoples. Here she lived almost alone, studying the Berber and Chaoui cultures, sharing their nomadic journeys.

Scientific journeys have set the trends for science from the first moment, to the point that, without them, knowledge would have never reached current levels. But what was the role of women in these quests for knowledge? Have there not been female science travellers? Did their discoveries have the same echo and influence?

To talk about these questions, anthropologist and museologist Dolors Llopart (Catalan Institute for Anthropology), contributor in the last issue of the journal, will offer the lecture «Women… Courageous and Wise» on January 29 at seven o’clock p.m. in the Palau de Cerveró (Plaza de Cisneros, 4). The event will be introduced by Josep Maria Camarasa, biologist, science historian and coordinator of the monograph devoted to science journeys, and moderated by Pedro Carrasco, vice-rector at the University of València.

Issue 79 of Mètode, «Pathfinders in Science», collects the history of science travels, from Herodotus around the Mediterranean to the arrival to the Moon, and other noteworthy examples such as Charles Darwin’s journey around the world or the European discovery of America. Copies of the journal will be handed out among the attendees.

With this event, Mètode resumes the series of public presentations of the journal, in order to open debate in society about the topics of its monographs. These presentations started in April 2013, with two round tables, the first one about the situation of women in science and the second about the current situation of cancer.

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«What was the role of women in these quests for knowledge? Have there not been female science travellers?»





«Anthropologist and museologist Dolors Llopart will offer the lecture «Women… Courageous and Wise»

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