Robotics and artificial intelligence

Call for Papers

Faced with the certainty that robotics and artificial intelligence will lead to major social changes in the coming years, the media have started venturing when the intelligence of machines will surpass that of humans, what jobs will be replaced earlier, and how we should prepare for post-humanism. Some visions are absolutely utopian, while other are quite dreadful. In this monographic issue, we want to take a look at the current reality of research in these areas, and to debate rigorously on short-term promises and the risks they involve.

Some of the topics that we hope to address in this Mètode Science Studies Journal monograph are: Humanoid robots, machine learning/deep learning, brain-machine interfaces, humanitarian robotics, cyborgs and transhumanism, progress, challenges and risks of AI, and ethical issues of social robots and networks. We invite researchers developing their work in this field to send their analysis and texts.

Instructions for the submission of articles

Deadline for submission: 15 February 2018.
Submission languages: Catalan, Spanish or English.
Length: 16,000 – 20,000 characters (including spaces and bibliographical references). Follow the link to check the editorial guidelines.

Mètode Science Studies Journal is indexed in Scopus, Emerging Sources Citation Index, ERIH Plus and Latindex, among other databases of peer-reviewed publications.

In order to send articles, first it is necessary to register here (authors from the University of Valencia must register with the username and password of their UV email account). Once the username has an account and password, the submission can be done here.


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