Pseudoscience, the wolf in sheep’s clothing

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Pseudoscience has a long history that goes back to the increase of social prestige of science. As such, it means an attempt to exploit the rigorous standards set for the scientific knowledge in order to present non-scientific products as if they were. The problem that this entails should not leave anyone indifferent, neither the general society nor the scientific community, since it is dangerous for both the health and epistemological hygiene of the population, and it damages the public understanding of science as well. And so, it is a phenomenon that requires an in-depth reflection to understand it in all its magnitude, and to develop effective strategies to confront it. This reflection has more sense now than ever, since pseudoscience has become a multimillion-dollar business which pollutes almost every science field –biology, psychology, physics, medicine, history, etc.–, has no accountability whatsoever and enjoys a wide social acceptance.

This monographic aims to contribute to such reflection from an academic perspective, highlighting the degree of infiltration of pseudoscience in several contexts, the cognitive and advertising mechanisms which explain its success, and analyzing, from the philosophy of science, its underlying philosophical base.


Deadline: 2017, 15 March
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