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photography and science

Photography and science have gone hand in hand since the appearance of the first photographic images at the beginning of the 19th century. It is in fact thanks to the progress made in science that photography not only came to be, but also developed to inconceivable heights. Over the years, photography has also become a key link in scientific development, from the first X-ray images of our body to the study of locomotion in vertebrates thanks to high-speed imaging.

Until just a few decades ago, the use of photography was restricted to only a few, amongst them the scientific community. But with the exponential development of technology, photography has become available to most people, permeating a large part of our day-to-day actions. However, has this change altered the interaction between the world of science and the world of photography? What role does photography currently play in research? Nowadays, photography is not only part of different methodological procedures used in a wide range of scientific disciplines – such as chemistry, physics, medicine, ecology or conservation – but also an incomparable ally in the dissemination of scientific findings with the general public. Ultimately, the use of the international language of photography may be one of the most promising ways in which the scientific community can establish links with society.

This monograph is open to articles that analyse different aspects (historical, communicative, aesthetic, technical, etc.) of the relationship between science and photography.

Special monograph on Photography and science. Instructions for the submission of articles.

Deadline for submission: extended deadline until 3 June 2022.
Publication due date: volume 1, 2023.
Submission languages: Catalan, Spanish, or English.
Length: 16,000 – 20,000 characters (including spaces and bibliographical references). For more information, check the Author guidelines.

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