Climate Crisis: one of the biggest challenges of our time

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climate crisis

The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Climate change is already happening. Ongoing observed changes to the climate system include increasing global surface air and sea temperatures, loss of ice and glacier mass, sea level rise, increasing ocean heat content, changes to precipitation patterns and extreme weather, declining ocean pH, and rising atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. Mitigation is key and it requires to accelerate transformations in many sectors of our economy to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Furthermore, there is no doubt that adaptation is already necessary to address observed impacts and prevent future ones, by increasing resilience in all earth systems, in particular the most vulnerable.

Mètode Science Studies Journal is inviting contributions to a monograph focused on the effects and impacts of climate change. Essays written by internationally renowned experts will present a timely and factual review of the many dimensions of the climate crisis. Common to all articles will be the focus on transdisciplinarity, which enables an integrative treatment of the physical, ecological, socio-economic, and moral implications of climate change. Prospective authors are invited to address questions on environmental and socio-economic aspects of Arctic and Antarctic warming, tipping points, extreme events, sea-level rise, climate engineering, land-use change, water and food security, decarbonization, health issues and pandemics, multilateral agreements, climate-change awareness and action, climate litigation, social transformation, and others. The ideas put forward in this collection will shed light on the opportunities for a paradigm shift towards a more sustainable society.

Instructions for the submission of articles

Deadline for submission (EXTENDED DEADLINE): 5 November 2020.
Publication due date:
volume 2 2021.
Submission languages: Catalan, Spanish, or English.
 16,000 – 20,000 characters (including spaces and bibliographical references). For more information, check the Author guidelines.

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