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Addiction is a chronic brain disease that induces profound neuroadaptations, disrupting the normal and healthy functioning of the brain. Addiction is characterised by a behavioural pattern of loss of control over the use of a substance and the emergence of a negative emotional state when access to the drug or the performance of a particular behaviour is prevented. The brain structures affected by addiction are those that mediate the reinforcing effects of pleasurable behaviours, which explains, from an evolutionary point of view, the force of addiction to model the behaviour of affected subjects.

Both to study addiction and to treat it, the approach must be multidisciplinary, since addiction has a bio-psycho-social dimension. The genetic predisposition of the subject, environmental factors, stress, and learning processes play a decisive role in the development of the disease, in which relapse, after more or less long periods of non-use, is a common factor.

Mètode magazine invites experts in this field to submit their contributions to the monograph on addiction. Reviews that analyse and deepen the experimental study of this behaviour and its possible transfer to clinical practice will be welcome, as well as those that update our readers on the latest advances in the treatment of this disease.

Instructions for the submission of articles

Deadline for submission: 15 October 2020.
Publication due date:
volume 2 2021.
Submission languages: Catalan, Spanish, or English.
 16,000 – 20,000 characters (including spaces and bibliographical references). For more information, check the Author guidelines.

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