Call for papers

We can’t help getting amazed when observing the wide variety of life forms through the world, even more when realizing that their distribution follow clear patterns whose causes turn out to be difficult to explain. Why are some species only found in a particular environment, while others can be found everywhere? Why do the tropics show higher biological diversity? Will global warming affect biodiversity differently from previous climate changes? Are we changing the world biogeography by facilitating a flood of biological invasions? These questions concern not only the basic functioning of nature, but also the immense human influence on the biosphere, so as the consequences of those changes on our lifestyle, as well as how to attenuate them.

In Mètode, we are preparing a monograph on biodiversity. We want to invite researchers on these topics to submit their findings and thoughts.

Instructions for the submission of papers

Deadline for submission: 15 December 2017
Language of submission: Spanish, Catalan, or English
Length: Between 16,000 and 20,000 characters, including spaces. Follow the link to check the editorial guidelines.

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In order to send papers, it is necessary to first register here (authors from the University of Valencia have to register with the username and password of their UV email account). Once the authors have a username and password, the paper can be submitted here.


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