Assembled life: A natural history of societies

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natural history of human societies

Evolutionary biology suggests explanations for the natural and remote origins of cooperation, as well as the cognitive revolution associated with the emergence of our species and the social organization that characterizes it. To understand the foundations of human social organization, we need to look for the adaptive roots of the advantages that may have been given by social structures in the history of life, and understand which characteristics follow strictly biological vectors. Undoubtedly, human cognitive skills have allowed us to go even further and the complexification of social structures has also followed an independent process, based on what will later be called economics and power structures, which are initially based on the human distinctive cumulative culture. Today it is a matter of debate whether there are biological roots in behaviors ranging from the first hunter-gatherer settlements to the present large urban structures.

In this special issue, coordinated by Juli Peretó (University of Valencia) and Jaume Bertranpetit (Pompeu Fabra University), we propose, starting from the biological bases of cooperation, to delve into human social structures, from the simplest to the complexity of modern societies.

Special monograph on natural history of societies: Instructions for the submission of articles

Deadline for submission: 31 October 2021.
Publication due date: volume 2, 2022.
Submission languages: Catalan, Spanish, or English.
Length: 16,000–20,000 characters (including spaces and bibliographical references). For more information, check the Author guidelines.

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