The bacteria hiding in a Nespresso machine

We speak to Cristina Vilanova and Manel Porcar about their study

study published in Scientific Reports signed by Cristina Vilanova, Alba Iglesias and Manel Porcar, researchers of the Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology of the University of Valencia, focuses for the first time on the container for empty Nespresso capsules to show how the liquid that accumulates there is a world inhabited by bacterial life. The paper had a lot of impact in the media and in social networks, and is among the top 100 papers in the world in number of citations.

How was the research project carried out? Where did the idea to study Nespresso machines come from? Should we worry about the results? Was the information conveyed correctly by the media? We talked about all of it with two of the authors: Cristina Vilanova and Manel Porcar.

[English subtitles are available for this video.]