Interview with Sami Naïr

«With the economic crisis, prejudice, racism, xenophobia and the absence of solidarity have increased»

During the current economic recession we are witnessinf a world-wide increase in inequality and in migration demand. At the same time, prejudice and racist or xenophobic behaviour are also on the raise, as Sami Naïr, French philosopher and sociologist, explains. He was recently named doctor honoris causa by the University of Valencia. The European expert in migration speaks also about nation borders, refugee rights and the role of the media regarding the immigration discourse. Finally, he explains his formula for a society based on values of equality, solidarity and fraternity. Mètode complements the publication of its issue number 81 – Roaming: Dispersion, Migration, Diaspora – with this audiovisual interview.

[English subtitles are available for the video.]