After the Crisis


Mètode worked with the artists Marcelo Fuentes and Anna Sanchis, who both collaborated on this special issue. Their works reflect one of the keys to understanding the current economic crisis: real estate speculation and the busting of the property bubble. Marcelo Fuentes. 2010. «After the Crisis» series. Watercolour, 15.2 x 20 cm.

To prepare this special issue we have brought together specialists from various branches of economics to reflect on the scenarios resulting from the grave crisis we currently face. We have done so because the drama of what is happening possibly does not encourage this type of reflection. Far from exhausting the possible topics, this issue contains articles on key aspects, which range from land use and encroachment (and related sectors like construction) to food production, as well as touching on growth-limiting resources, such as energy and water. We also consider the need to assess whether the economic successes of our industrial past pave a sustainable path for the future. These issues are discussed against a backdrop of changing economic geography, a new world that forces the old outskirts populated by SMEs to change their tactics if they are to hold a place in the new scenarios drawn by economic globalization and the third industrial revolution, linked to information technology and communication. Furthermore, such changes must be led by the best possible governance of the global region in which we live: Europe, which is in constant turmoil.

Monograph corrdinated by Vicent Soler and Salvador Gil. Full Professors of Applied Economy. University of Valencia.


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