New issue of the yearly journal Mètode Science Studies Journal
Pere Estupinyà

Science communicator, writer and public speaker. That is how Pere Estupinyà (Tortosa, 1974) describes himself. He is also known as «the sex scientist».



Mètode 118 Parents primats

Monograph 118 is devoted to the study of cognitive and behavioural processes in primates.
Il·lustracions de primats de Jordi Sabater Pi

The order Primates includes more than three hundred species, among which are us, human beings. Perhaps that is why we are so fascinated by their study.
Il·lustració: Moisés Mahiques

For the author, the study of sex is much broader and more interesting than we imagine, from the endocrine and physiological side, but also from psychology and sociology.
Tomàs Marqués Bonet

Tomàs Marquès Bonet is a biologist and directs the Comparative Genomics Group at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF), mainly dedicated to analysing and comparing the genome of primates in order to try to better understand the human genome.


basil mosquito repllent

Popular lore has transmitted the use of basil as a mosquito repellent to avoid their bite. Why this plant repel mosquitoes?
© Albert Masó

The statement is false. Instead of answering the question, we are going to explain the falseness of the implicit premise in the question.

The genome and the complexity of living beings. The genome of an organism is the whole DNA content of its cells, including genes and intergenic regions. In prokaryotes (Archaea and Bacteria) there is, in general, a linear relationship between genome size and the number of genes. The smallest genomes are


Pain is a subjective sensation, so to objectify its intensity different types of scales are used whereby the patient can indicate the degree of pain being treated. The effect of analgesic drugs is evaluated in clinical trials subject to strict rules in order to compare the effect of the medication with that produced by substances without analgesic activity.


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